5/2000 – 12/2000

IT Consultant at CMG Finance GmbH, Eschborn for client Hypovereinsbank, München
DBPort – Migration of exposys database (settlement system for foreign trading credits)
  • Data and application migration from Informix to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integrating the stored procedures and triggers into the database schema with Erwin using templates
  • Responsible for implementation, customisation and optimisation of stored procedures and integration into DB schema
  • Transact SQL, MS SQL Server 7.0, Informix 7, Erwin 3.5.1

3/2000 – 4/2001

IT Consultant at CMG Finance GmbH, Eschborn for client Bayerische Landesbank, München
Forcalc Internet – Internet portal for a forfait calculator
  • Analysis, optimisation and implementation on Sysbase application server
  • Redesign of the HTML frontend in layout and functionality
  • Installation and configuration of the internet server (external server hosting)
  • Documentation and presentation of a concept for further internet applications
  • Responsible for planing and realisation of all project cycles above
  • Sybase Application Server Jaguar CTS 3.6.1, PowerDynamo 3.5, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (database), PowerBuilder 7, Visio
IT Consultant at CMG Finance GmbH, Eschborn for client CMG Finance, London
Technical support for the forfait management system roHIRST 5.0 und 6.x
  • Preparation and accomplishment of installations at clients
  • Problem analysis, improvement proposals for each release and special terminal server version
  • Responsible for all tasks above
  • Access, SQL Server, support on telefon and at clients